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Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Do Custom Work?

The majority of our products are custom made but we now have an online store for some commonly used products. Our experience allows us to help you in designing your products in many ways. We can also provide storage on custom products for immediate release and discounts when blanket orders are placed.

What Makes FPI Unique?

Our customers have found our commitment to service and quality to meet or exceed their needs are among the best in the industry. We have many long term relationships with our customers.

Where Are We Located?

We are located northeast of Los Angeles, CA in Rosamond across the street from K S Grocery. Very close to Edwards Air Force Base and Mojave Inland Spaceport. We have clients throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Most shipments in the Los Angeles area are next day.

How Are Orders Delivered?

The majority of our products ship UPS and common carrier. Most of central and southern California are delivered next day. We are able to drop ship and provide expedited shipping when necessary.

How Soon Will Orders Ship After My Order Is Placed?

We maintain staffing to meet our lead times and understand emergencies. We are flexible and can negotiate sooner delivery dates when necessary. When we are able to stock items for you we will ship the same or next day in most instances.

Normal turn around on custom orders is 3-4 weeks with most shipping in 3 weeks or less.

What Processes Do We Provide Currently?

We do:

  • metal spinning
  • stamping
  • deep draw stamping
  • welding
  • bending
  • notching
  • forming
  • CNC plasma cutting
  • lathe machining
  • mill machining
  • tool and die
  • powdercoating
  • and other finishing

Our primary business is metal spinning which includes many secondary operations as well as many other operations/processes.

What Is Metal Spinning?

Metal spinning is also called chipless forming. It involves sheet metal which is cut into a circle, centered and clamped between an inside form mandrel and a live center on a specially designed lathe, then rolled down on the outside of the form. Typically it is an economical method of making a metal shell with close inside tolerances matching the form.

Spinning can replace 1) using billet (solid block) and extensively machining inside and out, 2) sheet metals roll formed with a welded seam eliminating welding and excessive blending or 3) draw formed parts on a press with very expensive tooling and 4) they can also replace castings.

The process is used extensively in many industries for prototype, short run and many times long runs depending on criteria. Some familiar spun parts would be bomb nose cones, cooking pots and pans, wheels, circular metal lamp shades, metal funnels to name a few. Although the material typically used is thin, the forming process increases the strength tremendously by work hardening the material giving a stronger, lighter, less costly part: many times increasing value. Spun parts can be made to very close tolerances or machined to an exact tolerance when a tight tolerance is necessary.

For further information on metal spinning please go to There are many examples of actual spinning you can find on YouTube, including our calcityspinner channel.

What Metals Are Spun?

Typically most metals can be formed by the spinning process that are supplied in sheet form. There are 4 basic metal spinning methods which are hand spinning, levered compound spinning, hydraulic assisted and CNC power spinning. We do mostly levered spinning and some hand spinning.

We mostly spin aluminum in many alloys up to 1/8″, copper up to .090″, brass up to .090, cold roll and hot roll steel up to 14ga and stainless steel up 16ga. Diameters are from ½″ to 30″.

Some companies will spin much bigger but they are very specialized along with companies using CNC or hydraulic assisted spinning machines.

Do We Require A Minimum Order For Spinning?

Fabricor Products is a job shop manufacturer providing some of the most economical prices available. We typically quote quantities of 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 on spinnings and 5000 or more on stampings although we will quote smaller quantities based on type of product, existing tooling and business history. We will even do one piece if needed. We do prototype work and short run work for many of our customers. Minimum orders for custom work is $100.00 and in our on-line store $100.00 for products.

Fabrication and finishing is based on your needs.

When looking at short run, less than 100 pieces, pricing can vary tremendously by methods and time constraints so pricing should not be your only consideration. There are many ways to make parts depending on equipment available and technical experience. Set-ups are costly and can not be amortized well in short run making them expensive relative to production.

Are We Looking for Manufacturer Representatives or Distributors for Any Territories?

Yes, we are continually seeking Quality representation in all industries, not only home furnishings. Please contact us if you or your company would like to build strong continued sales through excellent factory support. Only those committed to customer development/support should inquire. Good customers are hard to find, we can keep them coming back fulfilling their needs. Please send inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Contact Us page.