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Round & Square Disks/Blanks for washers, spinning, spacers, end caps and baseplates

No longer available through the online store - available only by request for quote.

Round & Square Disks/BlanksWelcome to Fabricor Products, Inc. We are a full fabrication job shop specializing in custom metal spinning, stamping and cnc plasma cutting. This page contains a very small representation of the metals, diameter and thickness of metals we can provide. See our “capabilities” section which has our standard blanking die size matrix listed.

If this is the first page you are visiting it contains a small sampling of blanks we can provide. This is just one page of our on-line store section of our website selling some commonly used blanks. We have full machining capabilities and can make complete products including powder coating at our facility. Please visit our home page for more information on how else we can provide our job shop manufacturing services.

We manufacture or stock blanks from Aluminum (1100, 6061), Brass (260), Copper (110) Cold Roll Steel, Hot Roll Steel, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel (304-2b) in almost any size and thicknesses to 1/8″. We typically stock from .025″ to .063″ for stamped round blanks and/or fabricated squares. We go up to ¼″ using other methods such as circle shear, square shear or plasma cutting along with the ability to machine thicker rounds. We can put almost any size round hole in the blanks centered, indexed pattern or random as needed. We can also make special holes by a variety of methods. Contact us for quotation on materials not shown below in our on-line store pages.

Our on-line store will carry a minimum amount of items we are capable to manufacture. Below you will find some 18 gauge (approx. .047″) cold roll steel round blanks with 13/32″ center holes for prompt shipping; these are blanked from a punch press and will have a minor burr. Also you will see 11 gauge (approx. 0.119″) hot roll steel disks with no holes for immediate shipping; these are made by CNC Plasma cutting method. Any of the shown parts can be ordered special with any size holes or without holes.

Our CNC Plasma cutting method can provide you with round or any other shapes from ¼″ thick hot roll steel down to 22 gauge (approx. .027″) cold roll. Limitations are mostly for consideration of pierce points and kerf width. This method will also cut copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. The finish on the edges of plasma cut parts generally are not smooth and will have some bevel to the edge. This method is excellent for the rustic hand made look, where edge appearance does not matter or the edges will be finished later. These are by RFQ.

Punch pressed blanks are typically made from .020″ thick to .063″ and some thicker materials from aluminum, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel. Some thicker materials can be handled with some die modification, our presses go to 75 ton. Center holes can be stamped from an extensive set of small die sets or drilled. We have a complete list of standard dies for the outside dimensions from 2″ to 6″ by 1/8″ increments listed on our capabilities page.

Circle sheared blanks can be made up to 47″ diameter 3/16″ thick from soft steel or equivalent material. Any other requirements, please inquire by RFQ.

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