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Check Plates SpunWe offer 22 gauge (.028″) cold roll steel (crs) check plates from 2″ to 8″ diameters with a 13/32″ (.406″,1/8 IPS) hole. Our tools are made to provide 20 to 25 thousandths extra clearance. Typically these check plates are used for capping off objects or closing rough edges and providing a center location.

Brass check plates come in the same sizes as the steel.

We will gladly do a different thickness, height, center hole size or other materials (brass, copper aluminum) in any diameter by quotation. We can easily make tooling in-house to the size you need in our machine shop very quickly. We have an extensive collection of other flat can tooling ½″ up to 18″ which could possibly work for you, please contact us on these also.

Our check plates are made 3/16″ high and the diameter/name shown is the inside diameter plus .020″ to .025″ oversize to accommodate finishes. An example part called a 4 1/2″ check plate would be made 3/16″ high with an inside dimension of 4.520″ to 4.525″ on the ID (note 4 1/2″ in decimal form is 4.500″).

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